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A Jewish Paradox

I am far from a rabbi or Jewish scholar.  There is one question that I keep reciting in my head as a thought experiment.  If an orthodox Jew is stranded on a desert island, and the only source of food on the island was pig, what would this Jew do?

Some background:
-An orthodox Jew typically follows kashrut laws, meaning they keep kosher and do not eat pig or any derivation thereof.

-Suicide is literally killing yourself, and killing is not permitted by Jewish law.  (It's a commandment for those keeping score at home).

-There is only one day of fasting on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur.  An orthodox Jew would typically not ingest anything (including water) on this holiday.  (Some exceptions would be young children, the sick, elderly, or pregnant women).  

There would only be 2 possible choices for the Jew:
1.  Eat the pig and survive.  Break kosher law, but keep from killing yourself.
2.  Do not eat the pig and die.  Break killing yourself law, but keep kosher law.
3.  Hope that an edible food source sprouts up after 21 days.  (Humans can't survive without food after about 21 days).
4.  Pretend that the day after eating the pig is Yom Kippur and atone for the sin of eating pig and hope that all is right with God.

Long story short: the Jew would spend 20 days debating what to do and hope a kosher food source would arrive.  Then on the 21 day, pig meal.


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